Thursday, September 20, 2007

Creative Dating Ideas For Your Male Date

Ladies, creative dating ideas need not be as difficult as you may think for you to come up with. Guys are simple creatures by nature. Do not think for one minute that I mean that they are stupid or are a lower life form. I mean, they are not as emotional as women are and this makes for a much simpler time of coming up with straightforward ideas for dates.

Remember that the way you treat them is the way they are more inclined to treat you. Do not wait for them to come up with creative ideas, just show them that you care about them and can be fun. Be sure not to hurt the ego by being too forceful with this as some guys can take offense to a girl being totally in control all the time. Make sure that you keep him in mind at all times during the planning process. This is not about what you like and is about showing him that he is so special to you and that you are willing to put some of your wants aside for him. Respecting him will be the biggest way for you to keep him interested and feeling like the top man in your life. He will only have eyes for you.

There are a ton of creative dating ideas that do not take a lot of effort or money to achieve. To plan a special date for your man, you must first look at his personality. Not all guys like football or basketball. He may like to read or listen to music. If he does, a sporting event will not be the way to go with the date. You might find that a good dating idea for the two of you is to spend an evening in a coffee shop listening to a poetry session instead of watching a sweaty basketball game. Gauge the guy and try to fit your date around his personality.

Say your guy likes the sports scene, but you do not have the amount of money it takes to buy those major tickets. The perfect idea is to find out what little league sports are going on in your area. It may not be a professional game, but he will love you for your consideration towards him. A community game is just as good as a professional game, and in fact can allow for a more personal experience. Before you know it, you will be cheering them on as loud as their family members will.

Another idea for being creative is to consider giving him a day with his pals without you and then meeting him later that day. This lets him know that you are not a clingy person, respect his individualism, and expect the same from him. Get in touch with a few of his friends and set up something for them to enjoy that you know he will like. Tell the guys where he will be and after they have had their outing, they can bring him to a designated spot for a nice dinner. This will be very special for him and he will not forget it.

Ladies, remember, guys want to be treated specially, just like you. They want to be treated with respect and made to feel as special as you do. They may be unique in other ways, but when you take their feelings into consideration and plan for them only, they will love it.

Everyone appreciates their partner taking the time to devise creative dating ideas. This proves to them that you were thinking of them only and really considered their feelings. This is a great way to have a good date, win his heart over and have a long relationship. The more fun you can have and personalized the dates, the better your overall relationship will become.

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