Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why are you still a Single?

You can't control when, where,whom or how you fall in love. The chemistry and mystery of love are unpredictable.

No one can expect to find their soul mates when or how they like it. Whether you believe it or not, there must be someone in the universe who is right for you. All we have to do is to be open to the possibility of encountering that special one.

That s Faith- being open to the possibilites.

If you think this is great for only other people, but you don't believe that faith is going to win you a great romance, think again.

Having faith will certainly mean that you can let life suprise you. Trusting faith does not mean that we are powerless, but rather that we embrace the unknown and stop being afraid of uncertainty.

I mean liking the idea that your dream partner may look and sound nothing like the one you had imagined. Faith means that you keep your door open to dating, no matter how discouraged and frustrated you are, because you believe that ultimately the person who 's right for you will walk through it.

Are you still single? It is the lack of faith and the fear of the unknown that keep you single.

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