Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Does She likes Me?????'

Do you ever wonder what girls are thinking when you approach them?

How often do you think that the girl will try to reject you even before you open your mouth?

So most of us end up trying to HIDE our true feelings.

We tend to try and pass off as a guy who just "wants to be friend."

But little do we realize that we are doing more harm than good.

Now the truth is, if a girl is decent looking enough, chances are she's used to being approached by guys looking to date her.

So a girl does KNOWS what you want if you're bothering to approach her.

She's thinking:
"Oh, this guy must be interested in me."

At this point, she has two choices...

The first is to reject him, because she's not interested for some reason.

The second is to play along and see where it goes because she IS interested.

What most guys try to avoid the chance where she could reject them because they don't want to go through that pain barrier.

So we try to act completely uninterested in her romantically.

So, the girl starts to think:

"Okay, I guess he's not into me. But he's nice, he'll make a good friend."

Once the 'nice' guy tries to make his move on her, she'll reject him, because he's already been pegged into the "friend" category.

So, by trying to avoid the possibility of rejection, most guys are in fact doing themselves a great disfavor.

They're going to get to know the girl, like her, pine over her, and never get her to like them in the same way they like her.

Whereas if she rejected you as a potential boyfriend , it would be a little bit painful, but at least you know that you did try...

Does this story seems familiar to you?

Well, if you are certainty keen to find a love partner, I suggest that you should be more PROACTIVE!

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